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Galbadian Press

         Sorceress Almost Killed By “Seed” From “Garden”

-In are top story The Sorceress Edea was Shot almost killed by “SeeD” a mercenary force From “Garden”. The person believe to have fired the shot is Irvine Kinneas of SeeD he was not alone. With about five other people: Zell Dincht, Quistis Trepe, Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly later it was reported that Riona Heartilly was not a member of SeeD yet she was involved with a Timber Resistance group calling itself 'Forest Owls'. The assassination failed and Squall attacked Seifer and the Sorceress. They suspects where later imprisoned but escaped and are known to be severing on the “Garden” till this date. Not much more information was given to the public, and it was not known how the five people with are still kids ages around 17 got around the security.

-On the search for Ellon. For reasons unknown Galbadian forces are on the search for someone named Ellon not a lot is known about her if you have any information please contact Galbadian Administrators near you. There is a reward.

Could President Deling be president no more? In its known now that the feared and hated Sorceress Edea will be the new leader of Deling city after the President of Deling city was killed by the Sorceress at here speech with we found somewhat insulting but all is forgiven. We asked a few city residents how they felted about the thing and this is what they hade to say: “That's great the Sorceress is now the new leader of Deling, now maybe we can take over Eutsthar!” “ I know a lot of people didn't like Deling but what a bad way to go…”

-For the first time in 17 years a live broadcast came over the world. Deling was going to informd everyone how there was a new Sorceress as well as other facts but some people bye the name of “Seifer” and Quistis. One solider was killed in the attack and Seifer thought to have been executed was made the Sorceresses knight, is this how we deal with the criminals? We make they Knights? No more is known at this time.

It turns out why the G-army attack Dollet was it wanted to use their Communications Tower after about 72 Hrs. in to battle the Dollet forces called SeeD in for help there where about 12 people from SeeD none of them where killed but about 10 G-soldiers where killed in the attack. “This SeeD is a threat that will be dealt with.” Stated President Deling at a press conference.

Keeping the public in the dark. It's now known the Deling City and the G-forces are working together to keep information from the public rumor as it that the president was almost kid napped. We are being kept in the dark in this information.

New Ambassador in the making - Galbadia News EXCLUSIVE!
Today it was revealed by our secret observers in parliament that President Vinzer Deling may be is considering introducing a new ambassador to govern his intended peace negotiations. Edea Kramer of Central has being named as the primarily candidate for this position. Such a duty will require great co-operation with the president and knowledge of the world. If this goes through, it will be broadcast through the Timber TV Station and possibly a communication tower in Dollet? Is there such a place?
Garden to receive grant
It was announced this morning that Galbadia Garden is to be the recipient of a four-million gil donation from the government. Speaking to the loyal Headmaster Martine, we hear that Garden is to purchase more and better weaponry for the young Seed's, a new elevator system and the money will also be used to finance a rumored "experiment with location". No details about the latter have been uncovered.

-In national news I new president was elected for the city of Esther. Laguna Loire is his name, he served with the G-army after that somehow he was imprisoned in Esthar. As for now he stated at his speech: “All is forgiven, lets put the past behind us and the future in front of us. We will bring you more on this story.
One of our top stories today is new land was “discovered” its already inhibited bye all sorts or creatures as well as humans G-forces plan to establish a G-army or Galbadian army in this new land the new land its called "WellofSouls" if you wish to enlist in the Galbadian Military please use the “Back” button to go to the main page and click the right link.